Hi, my name is Shanice.

I’m a PR professional with a BA degree in Performance, Drama & Theatre combined with Journalism, News and Media. I have a passion for PR and all things creative – literally! Over the years I’ve gained experience doing loads of intern’s, paid work, and community projects. I’ve also worked on some independent projects with other grad’s including Untapped, a creative platform we founded.

While working in public affairs at Citi bank I joined the Taylor Bennett Foundation. TBF is a programme that trains people from black and BAME backgrounds for a career in PR. It was during the summer of 2016 that I completed my training in PR and gained first hand insight into the industry!

I then went on to join the External Affairs team at Vodafone before leaving to join Atomic PR, working on some exciting brands across tech and consumer.

As my journey continues to unfold I hope to move into PR within arts & entertainment. My blog is a chance for me to share with you some of my thoughts and opinions through my journey. And I hope to connect with young professionals, those on a similar path or those that just love PR.

P.S. I love seeing the world, food, music, painting, writing, researching about things nobody else is interested about, drinking & pretty much anything that puts a smile on my face!!!!


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