PR Publications worth checking out!


The PR industry has often been referred to in the past as a very closed industry. It is said that PR and corporate communications has to be one of the most difficult industries to enter – I wonder why?

I considered the reasons why this particular industry has such a reputation and what is apparent is that PR is a very specialist area – it manages the relationship of a company/ business with key stakeholders, which is highly important when it comes to the growth of a business.

Previously we could say that it was pretty hard to gain inside knowledge of PR but with the explosion of the internet over the past 15 years, we live in a world with access to so much more. This includes being able to experience previously inaccessible PR publications/websites. So I decided to check out some of the highly rated PR platforms out there offering career advice, trends and news on the PR business.

The first two I checked out were PR Examples and PR Moment. PR Examples is a blog committed to commemorating the best in PR, social media marketing stunts and campaigns. This particular blog offered some great written content on PR campaigns across a broad range of sectors including technology, entertainment, health and beauty and much more. Despite the range of written posts on the different sectors, there was so much going on immediately when entering the page this made it difficult for me to enjoy the site as a trainee within PR because of the overwhelming content.

Having browsed the PR Examples blog I then went onto the website PR Moment. This particular website focuses on communication analysis of the media ranging from corporate communications, social media, internal communications and public affairs. I have to say it was one of the easiest PR websites I have used and in comparison to PR Examples it offers a wide range of opinion pieces and insight into the industry and research.

I read an article by Daney Parker, the editor of titled – ‘What is the purpose of PR today?’ It was a pleasure to read and gave me great insight to the ever-growing industry. The article touched on integrated PR and how significant it has become when creating effective campaigns. I would definitely recommend anyone who is coming up (or already) in the industry to check out this site as it also offers two sidebars with upcoming PR events and conferences alongside trending articles. Both of these are great features for individuals wanting to learn more about the PR industry.

Moving further into the online realm of PR I then went onto PR Week and The Holmes Report. Two of which are my favourite!

PR Week positions itself as being the first for public relations & communications news, analysis, features & PR jobs. PR Week was the first professional platform I encountered when searching for a PR website that offered advice on the PR industry. I am happy to say I am actually subscribed to using their services, receiving regular updates about the industry across all regions worldwide. This website offers great access into breaking PR news, key opinions, events, career advice, jobs, campaigns and the top 150 PR agencies table. I just find it such an easy site to use (and visually it is an appealing website) but yet it offers so much content. The opinion pieces are well written conveying a very human insight to the industry while adding a pinch of the writer’s personal experiences which makes it more enjoyable to read.

In comparison to PR Week, The Holmes Report (in my opinion) is the online bible of PR. When first entering the website you are immediately thrown into a sophisticated online experience. The Holmes Report offers an intensive list of services all of which can be found in the Our portfolio section. What captivated me on this website was the opportunity to listen and view both podcasts and video! Something I had not seen on any other PR website.

Not only did the site offer great news and opinions but it also had a full on directory listing of firms from every region and specialty! Pretty amazing right? Even though both websites offered services to anyone in the PR profession and all levels of seniorities, The Holmes Report is definitely business-focused, offering much more in-depth by having a directory, intensive data and research. I would definitely recommend this to all business owners in PR and freelance PR specialists to check it out if you have not already!

As I continued my search into some of the well-respected PR platforms out there, I then went to a website called Gorkana. Gorkana is recognised as one of UK’s leaders in media intelligence and is used by many industry clients and offers a wide range of services from monitoring data of global media and media analysis programmes. This leading media service also has a complete database of all media professionals in the media industries. Gorkana is a company worth signing up for as it has a media database giving you direct access to all media professionals – a useful tool to have while working in the PR industry.

Overall there are some great PR websites/publications out there including CorpComms Magazine. The only monthly magazine targeted at the in-house communicator covering areas such as social and digital media, sponsorship and CSR. Communicate Magazine is a magazine with a single focused voice for corporate communications and stakeholder relations. All of which offer some great advice and services for people from the PR world. The once closed industry that had a member’s only perception to outsiders has grown tremendously in providing some fantastic material for people in the industry at all levels of their career.

It is delightful to know that I have access to such great tools being that I am a trainee climbing my PR career!


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